One good thought, one kind word, one good deed, can change the world.Miamonides

Chabad of Oneonta

Study Sessions

Have you ever wanted to dig deeper, to gain new insight on some of life’s probing questions?

Join us to learn Jewish Philosophy, Talmud, Jewish Mysticism, Chassidism and more. Introductory and advanced learning programs for men and women in class settings or one-on-one.

As part of the Ron and Jill Swartz Learning Initiative we are proud to be currently offering three different group study programs. (Date and time information at the bottom of this page.)

Ask The Rabbi

Whats does Judaism think about hot button topics like the afterlife, tattoos or abortion? If you ever had a great question but had no one to ask or where worried about being judged then this is for you.

Join us every Monday at 5Pm  in the International Lounge in Hunt Union (near the book store) for a informal, no holds barred style question answer session where you pick the topic, start and steer the conversation. This great program covers everything and anything related to Judaism and due to its unique format will never be the same week to week. Light refreshments are served.

Coffee and Kabbalah

Every Tuesday join us for a intriguing class and a great lunch in the Union Square room in Hunt Union .

You have heard so much about this mystical study but never had the opportunity to learn more, well know you can and enjoy some great food while you do! Every Semester we offer multiple once a week courses that span 4-5 weeks, each tackling a different topic through the prism of the Jewish mystical work of Kabbalah.

Join us for our current series,

Kabbalah of Creation: Discovering the purpose of creation 

As we move through life and its many challenges we often wonder why the world was created and if there is purpose to it all? Is there a method to the madness or is the world really just one big jungle, can a individual really make a difference in a universe so grand? All these topics and more will be explored over the course of this exciting thought provoking series.

Click here for a full schedule for the “Kabbalah of Creation” series.

Two classes are offered over a two hour span. The first class begins at 12:15  and the second 1:15 Lunch is served as well

Location Date TitleTime Length
Union Square, Hunt Union Tuesday April 23rdWhy Kabbalah, Why Know?12:10 PM
1:10 PM
35 Min
35 Min
Union Square, Hunt Union Tuesday April 30th Why This World and Are There Any Others?12:10 PM
1:10 PM
35 Min
35 Min
Union Square, Hunt Union Tuesday May 7thCreation, Why Bother?12:10 PM
1:10 PM
35 Min
35 Min


Study and Sizzle

For more advanced learners, come study a topic of your choice in depth and enjoy a steak dinner.

This great program is great and tasty nourishment for your body and soul and takes place bi-weekly at 28 Walnut St beginning at 8 PM.

Don’t see anything that fits your taste or schedule?

No problem! Just shoot us a email and we would be happy to set up a one-on-one study session with that meets your needs and interests.

Best of all is that all these great programs are 100% FREE! If you would like to donate specifically to the study of Torah and ensure the great knowledge and wisdom of our people gets passed on click here and write “Torah” in the comment section.

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